Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking Easier

I am sure that cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Cooking is a task that is associated with stress, and it is one of the most challenging tasks. Everyone wants to eat Medan kitchen healthy food, but sometimes the preparation process can be complicated. If you are not ready to spend time preparing delicious food, then it is time to start doing something.

Here are the top 10 kitchen hacks that you can try to make cooking easier.

1. Use paper plates

If you are using plastic plates, you must clean them after use. If you use paper plates, you don’t need to bother cleaning them after using them. This way of making cooking easier is straightforward, and you can try it at home.

2. Use nonstick pans

If you are using a metal pan, you must clean it daily. But if you use a nonstick pan, you will need to clean it once a month. This is another excellent kitchen hack that you can try.

3. Use a food processor

If you cannot chop an onion properly, you can try using a food processor. All you need to do is to chop the onion and the garlic and process them. You will get a perfect onion that can be used in almost everything.

4. Clean the sink

You can use a sink to clean the knives and utensils. You can also clean the sink and place it under the running water.

5. Cut onions and garlic

You can use a knife to cut the onion and the garlic.

6. Keep the spices in a glass jar

If you cannot find the spices, then you can keep the spices in a glass jar.

7. Use the oven to bake

If you are baking bread, then you can use the oven for baking it. The range will keep the bread warm for a more extended period.

8. Keep your stove burner cleaner

If you are keeping a gas stove, you must clean the burner before you cook anything. If you use a furnace that uses electricity, you can clean the burner by placing a paper towel over the burner and then turning off the burner.

9. Store leftovers properly

If you cannot keep the leftovers in a refrigerator for longer, then you can store them in a freezer.

10. Keep the kitchen clean

If you cannot keep the kitchen clean, you can clean it when you are not cooking.


These are the top 10 kitchen hacks that you can try to make your cooking process more accessible. These tips are practical and will help you to cook delicious food.