Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen

I am sure all of us have heard this term before “secret recipe”. We all know that cooking is the best way to keep the family together and share happiness.

Most of the families don’t share their recipes because they don’t trust that people will share the recipe. Well, I have a secret recipe for you nittaya’s secret kitchenn that will surprise your family and friends.

Here are some ingredients that are needed to make this secret recipe:

• Grated apple

• Coconut Oil

• Cinnamon

• Honey

• Banana

• Carrot

• Ginger

• Milk

Mix all of them together and store it in an airtight container. When you have to prepare this recipe, just add the required amount of water and mix well.


The result of this secret recipe will be a healthy, smooth and creamy drink. The aroma of this drink will make your mouth water and it will make your family fall in love with you.