The Garden Elizabeth, NJ

Home of New Jersey’s Best Plants

At The Garden, we have a variety of plants that will attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Our flowers bloom throughout the summer and the fall. If you live in New Jersey or are looking for a beautiful garden to visit, stop by and see us today!

The garden Elizabeth NJ specialize in perennials, shrubs, trees, bulbs, and annuals. You’ll be surprised by our selection of plants. We offer everything from plants in containers to topiary. We even have an expert nursery staff who can help you with your plant needs.

Plants for Bees

If you’re looking for a beautiful backyard, check out our bee-friendly plants. We have a variety of plants that attract bees and butterflies. Many plants require pollination for fruit production. These plants include:

• Wildflowers

• Ornamental grasses

• Shrubs

• Perennial herbs

Our plants come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. We even have small plants that can be planted in a planter box.

Plants for Butterflies

Butterflies love flowers, especially plants that bloom early in the spring. We have a variety of perennials that attract butterflies, including:

• Butterfly bush

• Lavender

• Hostas

• Impatiens

• Zinnias

• Sunflowers

Our perennials bloom through the summer and into the fall. Some perennials also attract hummingbirds.

Plants for Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds love flowers that bloom throughout the summer. We have a variety of perennials and bulbs that attract hummingbirds. Some plants that attract hummingbirds are:

• Begonias

• Hostas

• Perennials

• Tulips

• Daffodils

Plants for Wildlife

Many plants are native to North America, and they attract wildlife. Here are some plants that attract wildlife:

• Birds

• Deer

• Squirrels

• Rabbits

• Bats

• Fish

• Insects

Our plants are perfect for the wildlife in your area. They also provide food and shelter for birds, insects, and other animals.

Plants for Children

Do you have children who love to play in the backyard? Our plants are perfect for children. They can climb on our plants, play hide-and-seek, and get dirty.

Our nursery has many plants for children. These include:

• Shrubs

• Trees

• Bushes

• Vines

• Ferns

• Bulbs

• Roses

• Annuals

Our nursery staff can help you select the right plants for your children.

Plants for Kids

We have a variety of plants that are perfect for kids. Some plants that attract children are:

• Tulips

• Hostas

• Zinnias

• Impatiens

• Sunflowers

• Peonies

Our perennials, shrubs, and trees are great for kids. They can climb on our plants,